Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Exhibition:Literal.Eyes

London Miles gallery are launching their new exhibition on May 12th. Titled 'Literal.Eyes' The show will feature 30 European artists (including myself) producing works based on their favourite pieces of literature. To mark this special exhibition, London Miles will be taking over a white wall gallery space in East London, an exciting pop up space divided onto two floors and over 1000 sq ft; situated off Brick lane. Opening reception: Thursday, May 12th 2011. 6pm to 11pm. Exhibition on show: May 13th to May 16th 2011

Location: 65 Hanbury Street. East London. EI 5JP (LONDON MILES GOES EAST!)

I've chosen Cormac Mcarthy's book 'The Road'. Some dark shit right there - not really usual Mesh territory. I'll post my piece here after the exhibition opens.

The lineup for this one is really good: Adam Oehlers, Andrew Rae, Alex Young, Alexander Kozer Robinson, Ania Tomicka, Camilla D'Ericco, Candy Bird, Carles Gomila, Carne Griffiths, Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda, Conrad Roset, Craww, Mesh137, Dennis Seide, Fernando Vicente, Joram Roukes, Koralie, Linnea Strid, Lisa Evans, Michael Forbes, Miss Led, My Dead Pony, Nom Kinnear King, Ruben Ireland, Sergio Mora, Sitnie, Tahnee Lonsdale, Tom Bagshaw, Virginie Bastin (Miss Sucette), Xue Wang and Zach Cohen.

For more info: www.londonmiles.com
and: www.huntandgatherart.com


vybe86 said...

good stuff dude! hope i can make it down!!!

rosaliehoskins said...

i really wish you had done the da vinci code!
looking forward to the show hun- should be good!