Friday, 19 February 2010

Up on the walls

Up on the walls...

Teapot Paintings!!!!

Blue, Orange and Green Teapots: All 15cm X 15cm

All of my 15cmx 15cm mini paintings are available to buy from the London Miles Gallery at £100 each. Visit to get in touch if you are interested in purchasing any of my work.

Top Hat Painting

Top Hat character. 15cm X 15cm

Purdy Pete Painting

Heres a new mini painting, this time of my recent character Purdy Pete. 15cm X 15cm.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mesh137 Loves London Miles Gallery

Over the past couple of months I've been in talks with the lovely people over at the 'London Miles Gallery' located at Westbourne Studio in Ladbroke Grove. In their own words they specialise in: "exhibiting, nurturing, and unearthing artists working within the realms of surrealist, pop, lowbrow, comic, and illustration art." and obviously representing fine art pirate zombies such as myself!

Anyway, they represent some fantastic artists and have a great variety of really exciting work on sale. They currently have a few of my paintings up on their walls, but should have around 15 or so recent works on display and for sale from the 18th of February. All of my recently posted paintings will be on display along with a few new works Im currently finishing, with prices starting around £100 for the 15cm X 15cm pieces. They should have a brand new website online within the next week at which will have lots of information about exhibitions past, future and present and the artists and work they represent (including mine!) as well as an online shop with artwork, prints, books and other items available to buy. And hopefully a profile page of yours truly with some really decent studio shots of my recent paintings. So if your interested, be sure to check out their site again next week. Obviously I'll let you know as soon as it's all up and running.

The gallery is managed by Tina Ziegler, who is genuinely passionate about the work they exhibit and promote and I'd just like to thank her for her support and help over the last two months: Cheers Tina! Not only is Tina the manager and curator of the London Miles gallery, but she also created and runs the website: A great art site specialising in underground contemporary artists with loads of information on exhibitions and artists from around the world. I heartedly recommend you take a look. She is also just about to release her first book titled 'Hunt and Gather' which features beautiful work by a whole host of very talented contemporary artists. Again, you can check the details at

New Painting: 'Clown'

New Painting: 'Clown'. Really nice colours on this one, even if I do say so myself!
15cm X 15cm. Posca Pen and crystals.

New Painting: Chicco

New Painting: 'Chicco'. Featuring the usual cubes, chequers, hearts etc... and a suave latino ladies man named Chicco. He's a real rompecorazone (look it up)
15cm x15cm

New Painting: Juicy

Heres another new painting. Usual materials: Posca Pens, spray paint and crystals. Nice cute Pin-up lady complete with her Mesh Band hat, a Silent Film Star and a bloke that looks suspiciously like 'Big Poppa' Biggie Smalls. If you don't know about 'Juicy'....well all I can say is...'Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis....' Best Biggie song by a mile....alrite maybe second best after 'Party and Bullshit'. 30cm X 30cm

New Character Sketches

Heres a few quick sketches of some interesting characters I've reeled off while bored on the tube or bus in the last few days. I really like some of these - especially the camp lion barbeque chef! These are obviously just rough sketches, but some of these guys should be appearing in my paintings soon.

Pirate Assassin:

Nice Guy Eddie:

Bond's Next Villain:

Lion Barbeque Chef:

Purdy Pete:

From the Archives Part2....Graffiti

More old stuff. Heres a bunch of graf outlines and wall pieces I did about ten years ago....before I realised I was too much of a pussy to do illegal graffiti! Some of the outlines are half decent designs but I was never that good with reproducing them in spraypaint. I know most of these SUCK - but I was only a little yoot 15 years of age so leave me be!

From The Archives...Photography

I've been sorting through loads of old work over the last few days and I unearthed these photos I took as part of my photography A-level about 7 or 8 years ago. I've got no false pretensions that I'm in any way a gifted photographer, but I like the look of these non the less. Besides everyone knows photographers are just artists who can't draw or paint for shit! ;-) I like the fact that these are all so dusty and scratched now

Monday, 8 February 2010

New Mini Painting

Sorry about the late post. I auctually finished a larger painting last Wednesday, but I had to drop it off at the gallery. I'll have photos of that one tomorrow. I've got a week or so to produce as many as this mini painting as possible. Heres the first. No Title. Usual materials. The guy in the star hat is some kind of revolutionary guerilla fighter. (I watched Che Part 1 a few days ago!)