Wednesday, 30 December 2009

eXXXtinct glamour

Heres more prep work for a series of paintings I'm working on: Is glamour exxxtinct? Taking various 50's and 60's pinups and converting them into skeletons: With the likes of Nuts and Zoo magazines and their '100 BEST NEW BOOBS!!!' I thought I'd do a little illustration mourning the death of real glamour. Sorry about all the unfinished work posted recently - but it's all prep for about 20 paintings I'm aiming to complete by mid-late February! I'll post these as they are completed - the first one should be done after the weekend.

Friday, 18 December 2009

What Women Want: Update

Not yet 100% finished, but heres a quick update of a recent post...I do love this one!:

"What women really want is a man who can make them laugh"

Mixed drinks: Yo Ho Ho Rum

Label for 'Yo Ho Ho Rum': This still has a fair bit of work needed - the background, more shading etc.  He's gonna have a feather and other details on his hat, and the background of the label is gonna be broken driftwood, anchors, chains etc. The whole salty sea dog vibe and all that.

Short But Sweet Part 2

Pineapple: Again, this is just a glorified sketch, just playing around with a few ideas recently.

Short But Sweet Part 1

Bear Face:

Quick sketch. This is for part of a painting i started a couple of days ago. I know it's simple, but I love him! I wish someone could make me a teddy of this guy. Speaking of bears - please check out my good friend James Ward's newly updated website. His specialty is intricate and fine pen/pencil drawings of animals going about very human business. For example: A goat performing a puppet show to a room full of rats. Yes, now you will have to go and look! 

Anyway he's supremely talented and has lots of new work at his website:

Mesh Touch Up

I decided to re-draw and colour this character for use in my recent portfolio booklets a couple of weeks back, but I've only just remembered I'd not yet posted it, so here it is with an illustrated makeover giving a nicer, more hand drawn look (At least thats what I think). You can decide for yourselves: The original image is on top with the grey background, with the new version directly below.

Let me know what you prefer: the original or the new version - And if you haven't already, you can check out my website at to see lots more of my old work.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

EyePatch Whiskey

About 95% finished: EyePatch Whiskey label. : 'For drinking or body pickling'

More of these on the way for other made up brands of booze soon. In other news: I've just got back from speaking to a local carpenter - he's gonna make me lots of lovely framed wooden boards for me to use as canvases, so look out for lots of painting on the horizon.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Rockabilly draft

Rockabilly style dude. Quick sketch, with rough fills to test colour scheme.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bit and Pieces Part 2

A few more works in progress. Clown, Soldier, Gent and Mystic, initial sketches with colour tests.

Heres a rough knock up of a new idea with the Clown face. 'What women really want is a man who can make them laugh':

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bits and Pieces

I've been quite busy over the last week promoting my services, but it seems to have started to pay off - my 'Simply The Mesh137' painting is currently in the hands of a gallery who want to frame, exhibit and sell it. I've still found a bit of time to produce some new bits and pieces mind you, so heres some sketches of work in progress:

Firstly a few more random random faces:

The guy with the lightning bolt in his hair? I wish that was me! Too fly!

And here are sketches of more of my characters for my made up drinks:

Pirate for 'Yo Ho Ho Rum'

HillBilly for 'Mesh's XXXX Moonshine'

And finally a Country Bumpkin for 'Back Country, Bad-Apple Cider'I'll post the finished versions when they're completed. With the interest from this gallery, I should be producing LOTS of artwork in the comming weeks and months, so expect to see plenty of exciting new work on a much more regular basis. Im working 14 hour days at the moment - so I should have new stuff to post every couple of days. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Work In Progress: EyePatch Whiskey

Ficticious brands of alcoholic drinks that I'm designing labels for:

Yo Ho Ho Rum

EyePatch Whiskey

Mesh's XXXX Moonshine

Shitting-Ink Stout (delightful I'm sure you'll agree )

Black Magic Sambuca

El Bandito Tequilla

Back Country Bad Apple Cider

Possibly a few more to come as well. Basically this is a way of showing my artwork in a more commercial context (i.e packaging in this case)

Heres an unfinised preview of part of the 'EyePatch Whiskey' label. A little teaser for you