Thursday, 26 November 2009

Promo Booklets

Just got my new self promotional booklets back from the printers. Each booklet consists of 20 A5 full colour pages containing a selection of my work. If you are an agency/publisher/designer/advertiser/gallery then expect one of these to arrive in the post soon. Now I just have to update my website!

Done and Done!

Apologies about the lack of posts - been busy finishing these beauties and generally promoting my services.

Gorgeous business cards in two designs: 'Stud' and 'Gay Pirate' 
and my lovely lovely posters the A1 '99faces' and the HUGE A0 'MeshMashUp' 

There are 5 of each poster available to buy, but I'm not quite sure how much I'm gonna charge or what avenue I'll sell them through yet so bare with me on this.Oh and both my cards and posters were printed by and very prompt and reasonable they were too - and of course, excellent quality.