Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This image is on my 'Simply The Mesh...137' painting, but heres the original piece. This was initially going to be the 'W' image of an illustrated animal alphabet but thats been put on the back-burner for now. 25 more letters to go....this is on my list of things to do, along with marrying Megan Fox, producing a graphic novel based on Cormac McCarthy's book 'The Road' and going to Peru to try guinea pig and chips. Word

HeartBreakers - A sneak preview

Heres a quick preview of a series of images I've been working on called 'HeartBreakers' five images of my Mesh Band guys, each with a lovely lady. Inspired by classic 50's romance comics, the kind that have subheadings like 'He was from the wrong side of town' and 'She loved him, but not his motorcycle'.

The final images will have backgrounds and text and more detailing/shading. I should have them all finished in a day or two, so you'll be able to see the finished versions then. I'd like to make them into postcards eventually - collect all five!

Soldier Of Foreplay

Look - I can draw realistic too! Old ink and water sketch with added sunglasses and moustache.    

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


TopHat man, looks like a bad Cbeebies acid trip. I like him though! Check out his green snake skin top hat too - MACK DADDY!

oh and this really is the last face Im posting  for at least a week or so

Amish Is Love

My only experience of the Amish came from that Harrison Ford film 'The Witness'. It's been a while since I watched it, but Im pretty sure all Amish people are bright yellow, blue cheeked and full of love.*

*I may be wrong on this 

SupaFly Accoustic

I've been having birthday celebrations the last couple of days, hence no new posts. Heres some new 'ish. 
Mesh band member strumming away on his gee-tar looking as cool as a cucumber and chilled as f**k. Please note: I want a bowling shirt! The shading and textures on his guitar worked well. I've been drawing a lot of guitars recently - more of those later. 
For those that don't know: The Mesh band is a fictional band I devised. There are four members: Bertie Chips, George Havana, Art Wilson and Charlie Mills. I've invented a whole back story/mythology for them but have yet to illustrate it. A comic book telling their whole story is in the works, along with fake flyers and album covers... coming soon!
You never know, one day I might even make some music for them. 

Faces (repost)

I thought I'd better repost these as one pic, save space and it looks a lot tidier. BowTie, Fancy Dan and Gay Pirate. These are gona be used on the follow up to the 'Mesh Mashup' poster.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

'Simply The Mesh...137' painting

Hey, heres a quick repost of the images of my painting 'Simply The mesh...137' I realised i'd posted an older picture of the painting where it wasn't quite finished. Heres the actual finished version. This is basically my Sistine chapel. 250+ working hours, Posca pens, metallic spraypaint and felt and paper collage. All on a a bit of 3mm thick laminated ply. Dimensions are 179cm X 75cm

This work is currently for sale. If you are interested in purchasing the painting or if you are a gallery who is interested in displaying the painting please contact me. My details are available on my website at www.mesh137.com

Semi-Pro inspired face

I saw the Will Ferrell comedy 'Semi-Pro' the other day, and while it may not be up there with 'Anchorman' or 'Old School' it did make me chuckle and inspired this 'Jackie Moon' style face. A bit more detail in this one - curls in the hair and added shading. I promise this will be the last face I post in a while!


Sunday, 9 August 2009

FACE!!!! In a 'Yellow Submarine' stylee

Yellow Submarine style face

I've started to carry a small sketch book around with me so I can jot down ideas when the moment grabs me. Drew this face along with a few others while journeying on the tube last week. Thought this one deserved to be a keeper. I haven't seen it for years, but this face reminds me of the Beatle's 'Yellow Submarine' film. Maybe that's just me? Either way, I've included the initial sketch as well as the polished Photoshop finished version so you can get an idea of my working process (basically watching lots of T.V while simultaneously colouring in) 

After my '99 faces' poster I thought I'd never draw any faces again, but I've done a few decent ones recently which are quite decent, so I may well produce a '99 faces' follow up soon!....Maybe! 

Monday, 3 August 2009


Teapots - a bit different I know


Very different for me I know, but for some reason I'm becoming obsessed with the look of teapots and cupcakes. Here is an assortment of teapots that may or may not appear on a poster some time in the future. Teapots with diamonds - you know how we do.