Thursday, 30 July 2009


More photography/graphics collage. The orignal image was a cigarette card from the 1920s I think. Note the 'Neverlast' logo on his protective helmet. I'd like to turn this one into a new business card.

Posh Girls

This was originally a birthday card for my friend Lauren. But I liked the idea enough to produce this more polished effort. He's basically a reworking of one of the faces on my '99 faces' poster. And yes, posh girls are most definitely easy. This may end up in a black and white zine I'm working on at the moment - more on that at a latter date!

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Freinds

60s Glamour Model Vs Mesh137

A little experiment in merging photos and graphics. You might see more of this style from me in the coming weeks. 

MeshBand B-Boy

MeshBand B-Boy
One of my Mesh Band members decked out like Rock Steady Crew member 'CrazyLegs'
SUPAFLY! Note the 'Mug Life' t-shirt I gave him.

How many faces? 99 faces!

99 Faces

Another poster, this time featuring 99, yes that's right - 99! faces. Another time consuming piece to say the least! Hand drawn then scanned and worked on in Photoshop. It was a real struggle making every face unique but I'm real happy with the results. A1 posters must be made and sold soon! I'd like to print this on to fabric at some stage too. T shirt anyone?

Which face is your favourite? 

MeshMashUp Poster

MeshMashUp A1 Poster
Produced on Photoshop. Dots, hearts, starts, stripes, cubes, squares, teapots, faces, hands, beauties etc. Random but oh soo pretty! This one kept me busy for a while!!!

Hope to produce prints of this to sell soon.